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Image: View of Lima´s Financial District

About Us

We are a cross-border investment banking advisory firm based in Lima, Peru, focused on growing and middle sized companies.

Our spectrum of services range from advising private companies on the sale of their business and the acquisition of new ones (M&A Advisory) to specific corporate finance services such as capital raising (debt and equity) in the private and public capital markets, private placements for fixed or variable income, restructuring debt, company valuations and reports of fairness opinion.

In addition, Epsilon Group offers asset management services in alternative asset classes for private retail clients and institutional investors.

Sharing Global Knowledge

Our people have been around the world - working, visiting places and studying - gaining and absorbing tremendous amounts of information and knowledge. They are truly global citizens with a passion to share their experiences and ideas.

More than 90 years of combined working experience is what we put on the table to share with our clients as part of our efforts to help them achieve their financial goals.

However, a truly winning advisory is not necessariy about having unmeasurable years of experience but about understanding where your clients come from and where they want to go. View More

Liberating Advice for Start-Ups & New Ventures

Advising entrepreneurs and helping them partner with the best-value investors is part of our approach to accelerate tech innovation, growth and creating more awareness for institutional players and retail investors to tap into the Peruvian venture capital ecosystem. View More

Accelerating Organic Growth for Real Estate Developers

Advising small, mid and large real estate developers in their organic growth strategy to reduce their exposure of proprietary capital in the market is part of our approach to helping them diversify risk in a competitive sector by establishing strategic partnerships with global, regional and local real estate venture capital funds or by creating tailored made funds for their specific needs. View More

Inspirational Deal Structuring and Investment Management for Institutional and Retail Investors

As part of our M&A advisory and asset management services, we take the initiative by originating investment opportunities and structuring deals (i.e., buyouts, roll ups, build-to-suit funds, etc) that create portfolio value for private equity investors, insurance companies, and family offices in the region. View More