Are blueberries
becoming Peru´s
next growth story?


Blueberries are rapidly becoming part of the menu of local growers.

Peru's blueberry industry is growing like there is no tomorrow and is becoming the new darling of many local growers due to its tremendous demand from foreign markets, ease to grow and better margins than other crops. The last four years of production have exhibited a 137.4% compounded annual growth rate and from 2014 to 2016 production grew by 870.2%. Peru now ranks as the 5th exporter of blueberries in the world.

In 2015, the local market produced 9,600 tons and in 2016 this figure doubled thanks to the entry of new plantations into production, and by year end 2017, it seems like the upward trend in the growth curve will be the same, with a production forecast that will probably double the volumes of 2016 despite the rains and floods at the beginning of the year.


With a projection of 40,000 tons of production or 108% more than the previous year, the 2017 season expects to improve its positioning in the market with earlier blueberries that would allow them to compete with a greater advantage compared to the fruit coming from Chile, its biggest competitor in the export markets. Chile is by far the largest exporter of blueberries in the world with more than 100,000 tons exported in 2016-2017. However, should Peru continue with its explosive growth, in five years it should outperform Chile, becoming the leading exporter of the southern hemisphere.


Peru´s production of blueberries is quite recent and probably does not go back more than 10 years. Exports began only 5 years ago when it produced the volume necessary to fill up containers. The main buyer is the United States market followed by Europe and Asia. The region of La Libertad contains the largest harvested area with the most amount of tons produced and the best performance per hectare.

One of the main reasons for the explosive growth of blueberry production is the amount of new hectares that are being added each year to grow this crop. Large and medium growers are diversifying their risk by adding fresh blueberries into their fruit production portfolio.

Sources: Senasa, Portal Fruticola, Arandanos

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