Our Company History


Epsilon Group began operations back in 1998 offering regulatory economic consulting services mainly in the public sector to government agencies in emerging countries in the areas of telecommunications and energy.

Its expertise in the field of regulatory economics took its team to travel to emerging economies around the world in which global private investment in the telecommunications and energy sectors was beginning to exhibit a strong interest.

In Peru, Epsilon Group advised Osiptel (Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications) back in 1999 to analyze the competition in fixed and mobile telecommunication rates. In Panama, we advised the regulatory agency of public services. In Colombia, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, we advised the Municipality of Bogota in issues related to the modernization of the state. In Paraguay, advising CONATEL in its regulatory policy for rural telecommunications and also, the National Secretary of Reforms of the State in the revision of its strategic plan to open the telecommunications market to private investment. In Honduras and with the collaboration of Strategic Policy Research Inc., we advised CONATEL in the development of regulations of telecommunications market. In Dominican Republic, we advised the Dominican Electric Transmission Company in the feasibility and technical study for infrastructure and commercialization of its fiber optic network. In the Middle East, in Jordan, we advised the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology in its national policies of liberalizing its fixed landline market services. In Azerbaijan, we advised the Ministry of Telecommunications in its strategy to liberalize its telecommunications sector. These are just a few of the government agencies we advised during the private investment boom in the telecommunications and energy industries at the end of the nineties and beginning of YR-2000.


With a new team member in 2002, Epsilon Group began diversifying its consulting services, adding a local corporate finance practice. Back then, we mainly focused on underserved small size companies mainly in the internet media, media and telecommunications industries.


In 2005, we began identifying opportunities in other industries that had a direct impact in the growing middle class (i.e., education, health and fitness, beverages, real estate, etc) and decided to only focus on corporate finance services like the ones we offer to our clients until today.