Liberating Advice for Start-Ups
& New Ventures


We have a natural passion when it comes to new ventures and start-ups. Advising entrepreneurs and helping them partner with the best-value investors is part of our approach to accelerate tech innovation. At Epsilon Group, we make it possible for these early stage companies to have access to funding in the local, regional and/or global venture capital ecosystem, and follow-up on them on their different stages of growth.

In order for these companies to be ready for funding roadshows, we begin by reviewing all their financials (i.e., income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheets) to validate their numbers and business model, and we can then come up with the right valuation before raising capital. Sound financials are the bread and butter of these companies and pave the way for potential funding from investors. If they are very early stage companies and do not have financials, we structure all their financial information and even put together and investors deck and executive summary for them.

In conclusion, we advice these entrepreneurs from a very early stage and make sure they get the right value partners that will help them grow not just with funding but with valuable feedback on their performance. Our objective is to make sure that we can take these companies to their next stage of development with the right value investors.

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