Accelerating Organic Growth
for Real Estate Developers


At Epsilon Group, we advise small, mid and large size real estate developers in their organic growth strategy by reducing their exposure of proprietary capital in the market in order to help them diversify risk. We reduce their exposure of proprietary capital by financing the majority of their equity requirements in a residential project – up to 70% - by establishing strategic partnerships with global, regional or local real estate venture capital funds (usually institutional funding) or by creating tailored made funds which are usually funded by retail investor and/or family offices and managed by Epsilon Group.

We participate in all stages of the funding process, from origination to closing (transfer of the funds) and beyond. Our team advises developers in their feasibility studies, cash flow analysis, ROI analysis, fund proposals, legal framework and even in the monthly reporting through the life of the project with the fund. In a way, we look after the project since inception and we make sure the developer complies with the numbers of the project and the ROI expectations of the fund. Throughout the development of the project the developer is responsible for the overall management and the funds role is that of a passive investor. Partnering with a real estate fund is probably the safest and best way to organically grow reducing your exposure of proprietary capital and diversifying market risk forcing you not to have all your eggs in one basket.

For the past three years, we have been actively participating in the funding of mainly residential projects (i.e., apartment buildings) with local developers focused on high-end, middle income and low-end projects. We have worked with renowned developers focused on large projects (over 400 units), middle and small size developers focused on middle to high income products (20 to 40 units per project). In some cases, we advise our clients in creating an investment platform or sometimes, we just work on a case by case basis depending on their needs and investment capacity.

Learn more about how we can help you accelerate the organic growth of your company by funding your real estate projects with the right partnerships or with your owned tailored made fund. Click here to contact us!.

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